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windows & doors manufacturers | Ajyal Community Development Project

Dec 02,2020

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Saudi Aramco’s Ajyal Community of Excellence project located in South Dhahran, Saudi Arabia is the first infrastructure project in the Middle East to earn an Envision award for sustainable infrastructure. This project is the recent recipient of the Envision Silver award—an award that signifies the project delivers a range of environmental, social, and economic benefits to the host and affected communities. The Ajyal Community of Excellence project, known locally as the South Dhahran Home Ownership Program, includes site planning, selection, preparation, environmental monitoring; and design and construction of the infrastructure for the new Ajyal community. In support of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s 2030 Vision and Quality of Life Program, the project earned an outstanding 102 out of 124 applicable points in the Envision Quality of Life Category! The overall goals of the Ajyal Community Development project include:

• Promoting a high quality of life by including pedestrian and bicycle paths, attractive landscaping, and public open spaces for residents;
• Demonstrating leadership in environmental design by optimizing land use and balancing economic, social, and environmental considerations;
• Smartly locating and constructing utilities and infrastructure to serve the needs of the community today, while also planning for future growth;
• Utilizing resources efficiently—including energy, water and materials—during construction and over the operational life of the project. Saudi Aramco worked in close collaboration with Nesma & Partners, HOK and IBI to deliver this award-winning sustainable project.

Project features that led to the Ajyal Community Development project earning an Envision Silver award include: Developing local skills and capabilities The project team implemented a strong local hiring and training development effort which included setting a 19% local employment requirement and establishing a formal education plan for each category of worker hired during construction. A signed agreement between Saudi Aramco and two contractors led to the creation of a local training center with a set goal of training 1,800 young Saudis. Multimodal transportation As a new master planned community, ease of movement throughout the site was a key focus in the community’s Sustainable Planning Guide and Transportation Plan. Most homes within the community are located within a 10-minute walking distance to amenities, such as parks, kindergartens, mosques, and bus stops. Vehicle-sharing facilities and the transit network are aligned with bus and commuter routes, as well as centralized retail, office, and recreational facilities. Sidewalks and sikkas (pedestrian paths between villas) provide pedestrian access along streets and between residential lots to minimize walking distances. Resource Allocation Based in an extreme desert environment, the wastewater system has been designed to reduce reliance on potable water for irrigation by utilizing greywater. In addition, the storm water system will recharge groundwater by infiltration. The main source of potable water is seawater from the Arabian Gulf. The new potable water system is integrated with an existing desalination plant. The potable water system is also outfitted with a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system that includes real-time water quality and pipe leakage monitoring.

Images of the project:

Aerial Rendering of Ajyal Increment I

Street View along 18m Road Highlighting Pedestrian Amenities

About Saudi Aramco: Saudi Aramco is a global integrated energy and chemicals company. We focus on making our resources more dependable, more sustainable and more useful. This helps promote stability and long-term growth around the world.

About Envision®: Envision is the product of a joint collaboration between ISI, which was founded by three national engineering associations: American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) and American Public Works Association (APWA), and the Zofnass Program for Sustainable Infrastructure at Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Information on ISI and Envision can be found on the ISI website, and this video,