Professional custom commercial office building windows, providing a variety of high-quality aluminum doors and windows to choose from.

Casement window
A casement window is a traditionally attractive window that can be opened like a door, but can be closed with an airtight seal. They have a vertical side-hung window frame that allows the windows to open inward or outward. Aluminum casement windows provide better thermal performance than any other types of windows. The crank of the window can be folded to allow the curtains and blinds to fall naturally, which is very helpful for obtaining a barrier-free view.

Ventilated glass shutters
The unique style of glass shutters is especially suitable for warm climates, and the windows look beautiful in shielded porches and sun rooms. The windows are made of horizontal glass slats, similar to blinds, but wider. These glass blades can be opened, closed or tilted, not only to prevent bad weather, but also to add a unique sense of fashion and blend with modernity.

Lifting doors and windows
Lifting doors and windows are very modern, and the entire wall can be opened at the push of a button. This kind of window is similar to the lifting door system of the garage, requiring a large number of beams to bear the load of the building and the weight of the door.

Upper and lower windows
The upper and lower windows are also called sash windows, which are basically two horizontally separated windows. They open from the top and bottom, can combine large and small glass panes, and can be customized according to your requirements. It can be old-fashioned or modern, so this kind of window will never be out of date.

Sliding windows
Sliding windows are now one of the most popular window choices. They can increase the sense of space and provide good air circulation above the sink in the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. They can be easily opened and closed manually by sliding without using any extra space, which is perfect for small apartment rooms. Sliding windows are very easy to clean, and their lightweight aluminum construction makes the process of cleaning both sides of the glass quick and easy.