Corporate Flow

Method Statement. 

General Practice: 
The following will highlight the scope of work and major steps involved in carrying out the aluminum, glazing works and other metal and related works so as to meet the highest levels of quality as per the company’s objectives. The project will be carried out according to the following steps. 

Once the contract is signed, and a “proceed order” is issued,Xiangyi will appoint a Project Manager who is familiar with the trade in general, and has adequate experience in the execution of similar projects, who will be responsible for the management of the works according to the following: 

1. Preparption works (Engineering): 
The major engineering works such as concept design drawings, typical details, typical fabrication drawings and structural calculations will be carried by Xiangyi in-house in accordance with the manuals and recommendations of the used international system suppliers. Back up from International design offices or system suppliers will be sourced as might be required by the project conditions. 

1.1 Shop Drawings: The first step in the preparation works is the issuing of concept design architectural and construction drawings. The project drawings are re-checked and any modifications to the tender drawings are highlighted. In parallel, meetings might be arranged with the Project Architect or Consultant to discuss the project requirements, and accordingly, the process of drafting of the shop drawings can be launched. The plans and elevations are drawn for the entire of the works and detailed sectional drawings are prepared for each particular type of application. The technical study of the project is handled by a team of architects, structural engineers and draftsmen assigned within Xiangyi’s Technical Department for the specific project, reporting to the Technical Manager and In close coordination with the Project Manager. The drawings are checked by the Team Leader, Technical Manager and then Project Manager and then submitted for approval. standard submission forms will be used to keep a clear record of the drawings and the structural calculations submitted as well as the relative status of each submittal. After the process of modifications and adjustment as per the consultant’s requirements, and after the shop drawings and the structural calculations are approved, a final set of drawings is issued for construction. The drawings are issued in several copies as required by the project specific conditions, one copy to the client, one to the consultant, one to the main contractor, one office file and one copy for the Site Manager / Supervisor. 

1.2 Preparation of Material index Lists: After the first submission of drawings, and the receipt of the consultant’s comments and/or approval, the aluminum and glazing  “Material Index Lists” are prepared. The MIL will include the different references and quantities of the aluminum profiles, gaskets and accessories. A draft glass B.O.Q. is prepared and followed by one with the exact cutting sizes after opening sizes are checked 
on site. 

1.3 Material Submittals: Most of the used materials will be submitted on sample boards to the consultant for approval. Sample of each major system / type of glass to be used will be also submitted for approval, along with the related technical data sheets. 

1.4 Execution Schedule: Execution schedule will be prepared and discussed with the main contractor and will be submitted to the consultant for approval. 

1.5 Procurement: Aluminum profiles, gaskets, glass, accessories, steel, stainless steel,  and other material are ordered according to the M.I.L The materials are ordered in one or several lots depending on the progress of the site, and the program for the execution of the works. 

1.6 Site Visits - Set up of office: At the same time, the Site Manager / Supervisor will visit the site to become acquainted with the site conditions. The logistics according to which the works are to be executed will be determined to best suit the site conditions. A detailed Method Statement will be prepared for particular application requiring a detailed method statement, a site office may be set up, and a representative / site manager may be 
assigned to stay in the office (once the works start) to ensure a continuous presence on the site, smooth flow of information with the client, and closer attention to the quality of works being carried out. 

1.7 Site Survey & Measurements: Once the finishing works are underway, the site will be surveyed and measurements will be taken. Accordingly, cutting lists for aluminum, glass and other works can be prepared, to be used in the fabrication of the frames and ordering of the glass. The glass is ordered according to the cutting lists, the timing of the orders is chosen, so that the glass Is received when the installation of the frames is 

2. Fabrication and installation works: 
The fabrication and installation works will be carried out as per the following procedure. 

2.1 Protection: Before the fabrication process of the aluminum frames is started, a team of workers would apply top quality plastic protective tape to all the profiles. The protective tape will ensure that the profiles are not damaged or scratched during handling in the factory, transportation to the site, and installation, thus guaranteeing a final product of high quality. 

2.2 Fabrication: All the fabrication works will be carried out a Xiangyi’s factory by trained Technicians supervised by experienced Foremen and hence is subject to quality control procedures . we prefer that most of the manufacturing operations to be carried out at the factory under the supervision and control of the quality officer, nevertheless, a small equipped workshop might be set up on the site for some on site operations, if required by the project conditions. Please note that our Quality Manual includes a detailed work instruction for the fabrication process, incorporating inspection and quality control steps. 

2.3 Transportation of frames to the site: Once the site conditions enable the start of the installation of the frames, the frames will be transported to the site and stored in the storage area. All gaskets and accessories are also stored in their original packing thus preventing any damage or scratches. Particularly, the EPDM gaskets are stored in their cardboard boxes, not touching the ground, in order to avoid any damage by moisture or humidity. 

2.4 Storage: The General Contractor will provide a suitable protected area at site for storing the fabricated units prior to installation. 

2.5 Installation: Once the finishing works are underway, and the site is clean to a certain extent, the installation of frames can start. The frames will be installed by experienced technicians / helpers supervised by supervisors with high level of experience in the installation of the various systems. Consumable materials used for the installation are top quality products. Once the installation of the frames is underway, a second team of technicians will start the installation of the glass, and thus the installation of the frames and the glass will move in parallel. During the duration of the installation works, one team of workers will ensure that the protective tape is applied to the frames at all times. This team is responsible for replacing all damaged or torn off tapes, so that the frames are protected at all time until the handing over of the works. 

2.6 Co-ordination: The Project Manager / Site Manager will attend all the site and coordination meetings, in order to ensure continuous cooperation with the client and site management personnel and achieve the goals within the main program. We may also issue weekly reports to the site management team on the progress of the fabrication and installation works, as well as any problems encountered during installation if required by the contractor. 

2.7 Safety: All Installation workers on site are to wear and use a full gear of safety equipment to ensure a safe carrying out of the works at all times. 

3. Final Adjustments - Hand Over:

3.1 Making good: After installation is complete, all the works are to be checked together with the finishing supervisors, and comments are noted. Xiangyi site supervisor will instruct the finishing team to adjust all windows and rectify any defects, if there are any, to the complete satisfaction of the site supervisors and project manager. 

3.2 Hand Over: After the making good works are complete, a cleaning team will remove all the plastic tape and clean all the frames and glass. The steel, aluminum and glazing works are then handed over to the Main Contractor representative. 
 insulating window