What is the custom step?
1. Determine the demand selection program

Custom doors and windows as the names are based on the needs of the owners to customize the exclusive doors and windows. Therefore, it is very important to determine the needs of the owners ~
What kind of performance is they focus on? Want to sound insulation, insulation or anti-mosquito, waterproof? Want to ventilate or wind sand? What is it or poured or poured? Is it installed in the kitchen or oriented or a balcony? and many more......
Professional doors and windows custom manufacturers will give you more information to make the most reasonable advice to determine your customization requirements.
Custom home window door should choose quality suppliers, not only quality and service is guaranteed, technology is more professional.

2, on-site measurement

After customization, you will arrange professional doors and window installations to make an appointment to make the door and window size, and understand the surrounding environment to determine the size of the door and window size, wall structure, install the transport environment and its corresponding configuration conditions, etc., as a design and quotation Basis.

3, design & quotes

After the size of the measurement is completed, the professional door and window designer will design the doors you need, and mark the shape, material, area, color, configuration and other details of each door window, and make a quote of the product.

4, sign a contract

The style, color, material, and hardware configuration of the doors and windows began to sign the sales contract after the style of the effect map.

5, factory production

After signing the contract, the factory has begun to offer after a total or partial deposit.

6, delivery installation

After the production of doors and windows, the customer inspects and pays the balance, and the delivery is installed according to customer needs and contract. The customer or the principal will finally enter the after-sales service link.