commercial window manufacturers|Maintain aluminum windows and doors

commercial window manufacturers|Maintain aluminum windows and doors

Dec 02,2020

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Nowadays, aluminium window profile is widely used in every household. The windows are the main source of light in the room. If the windows are dirty, the light may not be able to enter the room directly, and it is even more difficult to disinfect the room with sunlight. How to clean the foggy windows at home? Aluminium window profile and aluminium door profile are always easy to coat with dust, which make the aluminium windows and door dirty. Take a look at some methods as below:
Prepare clean water and wet towel to wipe the window, and then dry it with newspaper. The ink on the newspaper can absorb the oil stains. The effect on the kitchen doors and windows is better, or use the watering can to wipe the water while using newspaper.
Many people will install window screens on the side of the aluminium window. It will not only ensure the ventilation of the room, but also block the entry of insects effectively.
For the cleaning of the screens, only add water and detergent in the spray bottle, then spray the window screens wet, cover the newspapers on the screen to continue to wet the newspapers, peel the newspapers for a few minutes and replace them with clean newspapers. After two or three times, the screens will be clean automatically.

Cut the onion in a half, wipe the glass with onion, and then wipe it off quickly with the clean and dry towel before the onion juice dry.

Drinking the rest of beer can be used to clean aluminium window because the beer is full of foam and alcohol can evaporate away quickly. It will not leave impressions like water. Chinese spirits also has same effect.

Vinegar is one of our common condiments. When using vinegar to clean aluminium window, first you should use the wet towel to dip some vinegar or heat the vinegar, and then use it to clean the glass directly. Vinegar can effectively corrode oil stains.

For stubborn stains on the glass, toothpaste can be used for cleaning, because toothpaste has the cleansing power and slight graininess. It will produce friction when cleaning the glass so as to achieve the cleaning effect.

Potato Peel
The content of starch in potato peel is extremely rich and the starch will swell with water to generate adsorption capacity. Except the dust on aluminium windows, it is easy to leave oil stains or fingerprints on aluminium windows and it can be deal with potato skin easily!

Washing Rice Water
If you want to make the glass get rid of dust, you can use washing rice water. When cleans the glass with washing rice water, it will make the glass get rid of dust in a long time.

Aluminium windows and doors are the part of the building and it should have the same longevity as buildings. Aluminum doors and windows have become one of the major building products in China due to their good performance, environmental protection and recycling. They are widely used in high-end public buildings, residential and industrial plants. Aluminum doors and windows are made of extruded aluminium profiles, because of the characteristic of extruded aluminium profiles, we should pay attention to the following points:
Aluminum window profileand aluminium door profile can use towel dipped in water or neutral detergent to wipe. The detergent must be used properly. Excessive detergent used on the glass may be lead serious smear or residue layer. Be careful not to use ordinary soap and washing powder, because soapy water is very difficult to clean with water. After rainy day, wet glass and door frames should be wiped in time. Do not clean the window when there is sunny, because water evaporates quickly and the glass will leave smears. Don’t use dry towel to wipe dirty windows, otherwise the glass will be scratched.