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  • Glass Swing Door | glass casement door

Glass Swing Door | glass casement door

Energy Saving Aluminum Doors and Windows System

People's eyes are a window into their souls, just as doors and windows are the eyes of the architecture. Xiangyi,s competitive doors and windows containing seasoned technique highlight modern architecture.

Modern building curtain wall technology was developed and moved to maturity based on doors and windows technology, and both of them have something in common yet possess respective technical characteristics. Through many years of technology development, laboratory testing and large scale practical application, Xiangyi,s doors and windows technology are approaching perfection day by day. Improved and complete series of products have formulated. The main technical characteristics of Xiangyi’s energy saving aluminum doors and windows system go as follows:

●Excellent heat-insulating property allows the system to generate a prominent energy saving effect. Different types of insulating aluminum profile and insulating glass unit are adopted to achieve reasonable heat transfer coefficient K value in order to meet the requirement of energy saving.
●Multi-level sealing system,structural drainage is achieved based on pressure balancing principle, the water-tight property is reliable and stable.
●Constant strength insulating aluminum profile with Thermal Bar, and advanced corrugated recombination craft is applied to make sure the profile possess sufficient tensile strength and shear strength.
●High strength, sturdy and durable. Great capacity of wind pressure and deformation resisting, can be used to public high rise and residential house. Large grade doors and windows can also be made.
●High quality hardware fittings are carefully selected. Human oriented design on manipulate unit. It is convenient, flexible, comfortable, durable and pleasant to the eye.
●Any desired color and texture of the aluminium profile can be achieved through four surface treatment ways (anodizing, electrophoretic coating, static blasting painting, PVDF coating), wood grain spray coating can also be applied. Different colors can be applied on the inner and outer surface of the doors and windows.
●The entire doors and windows are designed for a long performance life, all the aluminium profile, hardware fitting and sealing gasket are endowed with ageing-resistant and corrosion-resistant property.
●Mature and complete doors and windows processing technic, products are processed at high precision CNC, standardized and large-scale volume production guarantee a stable and reliable quality.
●The major erection work are conducted indoors simply and efficiently, technical maturity guarantee a stable quality and a convenient operation for maintaining and glass changing.
●Smooth and durable unlocking and locking, strict inspection and test have been conducted for every single product and movement, and fatigue test times surpasses 100 thousand.
●Recyclable and green building materials enable the products to be eco-friendly, which complys with the strategy of sustainable development.
Diverse opening patterns are available for different architectural style and function required. And doors and windows of the same opening pattern are divided into different series. Furthermore, new series of doors and windows system can be developed according to the needs of customer and market. Xiangyi,s energy saving aluminum doors and windows mainly include the following opening patterns:

glass casement door

Zhonghui Songshan Lake | china casement window

Location: Liaobu Town ,Dongguan City Area : 30000.


Patent Examination Cooperation Guangdong Center of the Patent Office. CNIPA | office window

Location: China Singapore knowledge city,Guangzhou.


Midea Micro Oven Production Base Of Malong | office casement door

Project: Location: Shunde District,Foshan City A.


Saudi Aramco’s Ajyal Community of Excellence | insulating window

Location: South Daharan,Dammam,Saudi Area : 45000.


Solidification | tempered glass windows



Sealant Applicant | customized curtain wall



Package and Delivery | professional casement door



Inspect the cut aluminum profiles



South Dhahran Home Ownership Development Program | architectural spring door

Owner:Saudi Arabia Oil Company Main Contractor:Si.

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